Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints among American adults, and it is sometimes linked to muscle tension from stress. Medication has long been considered a convenient and simple way to address back pain, but new guidelines released by th

For patients who live in segregated communities, geographic region plays a significant factor in the timing of individuals being diagnosed with colon cancer.

Chronic red eye can also be alarming if you are concerned that you may be developing an infection that could harm your vision.

New findings suggest that running actually changes the biochemical environment within the knee to prevent inflammation and benefit the overall joint.

Stress is known to cause a host of digestive issues including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and heartburn.

Dry eye does not always precede glaucoma diagnosis. In fact, many glaucoma patients develop dry eye as a reaction to medicated eye drops that are prescribed to lower their eye pressure.

Antidepressant use nearly doubles the risk of hip fracture among elderly community-dwelling patients with Alzheimer’s patients, according to a recent study by the University of Eastern Finland.

Many common sleep problems can be linked to the kinds of foods we eat or when we eat them.

Whether you develop glaucoma depends on the level of intraocular pressure that your optic nerve can sustain without being stressed, and your inherited genes significantly factor into the outcome.

There’s good news for arthritis sufferers who struggle with exercise. Just a small amount of physical activity can have a significant impact on your arthritis symptoms!

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota has partnered with a team of scientists from across the country to analyze the effects of NSAIDs, aspirin and several other supplements in their role in preventing the recurrence of advanced neoplasia (precancerous p

Consumer Reports recently shared an article on how patients can get the best care at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

A recent study found that older adults with osteoarthritis in the lower extremities can experience significant improvement in their arthritis symptoms through chair yoga.

One way that you can show family members or friends that you care is by scheduling a screening colonoscopy for them in the month of March.

Healthy Vision Month is an annual initiative that encourages all men, women and children to consider the importance of lifelong eye health.

​Low-impact exercises are also important for strengthening knees and keeping the joints lubricated. Try adding these exercises to your routine to keep knee pain under control.

While digestive symptoms may be harmless, they can often be the first sign of a more serious condition.

​According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 20,000 Americans injure their eyes in their place of work. Of these 20,000, one third of the injuries are serious enough to merit a visit to the hospital emergency room.

Think that you’re too young for joint replacement? Think again! Studies show that the number of joint replacement surgeries in the United States is steadily increasing, with a significant rise among younger age groups.