Last year, 3.2 million Americans were diagnosed as visually impaired, but that number is supposed to double to over 8 million Americans by 2050.

Estimates show that one in four women have been diagnosed with arthritis, compared with one in five men.

​Researchers may have uncovered an important link explaining the long-term health risks associated with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

As you make your list for Back to School items and sports physicals, don’t forget to add a comprehensive eye exam for the kids.

Using a workstation that is not tailored to your body promotes poor posture, which can produce musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Y​ou probably don’t give too much thought to your bathroom habits, but when things don’t seem to be moving along quite as they should, it can become a concern.

Most of us have experienced the physical symptoms of digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, characterized by eye pain, dry eye, headaches, and back and neck pain.

While hip pain can be the result of an injury or misalignment within the hip joint, it could also be an instance of referred pain stemming from other hip-related structures, such as the lower back, groin, buttock, pelvis, and thigh.

​Can you have a heart attack without even realizing it? Not only is it possible, it happens more often than you might think.

New delivery methods for medication could help decrease the problem of glaucoma-associated vision loss. There are many benefits of the silicone ring. No surgery is required, the ring is customized and fitted to every patient, and it has proven to be well-

Medical treatments are sometimes necessary to treat joint issues, but if you’re looking for an all-natural solution to relieve joint pain and inflammation, the answer could be sitting right inside your refrigerator.

Family reunions provide us with a unique opportunity to learn more about our heritage and how it plays a part in who we are today, and that includes discussing your family’s health history.

Talk to your doctor about what glaucoma treatment is most appropriate for you. The best way to preserve your vision is to have regular comprehensive eye exams, so schedule yours today.

New findings suggest that tai chi may be particularly beneficial for individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

PPIs are among the highest selling classes of drugs in the United States with over-the-counter and prescription sales totaling nearly $13 billion annually, but research shows that these medications could come at a much higher cost.

According to the most recent edition of Ophthalmology, cataract surgery actually decreased mortality incidence in a random-sample study.

While there are several exercises that are suitable for arthritis sufferers, doctors often recommend swimming because it is easy on the joints and provides a full-body workout.

Check out some of these fitness apps that can get you off the couch and working towards your fitness goals.

Being outside all day and playing with friends used to define summers for children, but now our kids spend almost all ten weeks of summer indoors using electronics. Besides contributing to attention problems and obesity, overuse of digital devices is caus

However, a recent study published in Acta Orthopaedica found that total hip replacement surgery appears to be safe and greatly improves quality of life among those with cerebral palsy.