Why You Shouldn't Put Off Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. It is also one of the safest surgeries, with complications arising in less than 1 out of every 1,000 cases. Taking less than 15 minutes to complete, cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and you can likely resume your normal activities the following day. Many people delay cataract surgery because they have fears about having eye surgery. While this is understandable, there are many reasons why you should not delay in scheduling your cataract surgery.


Do you find it difficult to do the things you enjoy, like reading a book, watching television or doing intricate projects like sewing or painting? Cataracts interfere with your everyday routine and require you to limit your activities to daytime, the presence of bright light or the availability of a magnifying glass. What if you were able to do the things you love without limitation?


Driving, especially at night, requires clear vision. Cataracts make your vision cloudy and can distort images. The appearance of glare and halos due to cataracts can interfere with your vision in low light and put you and other drivers at risk. A simple surgery can restore clear vision so you can safely drive at all hours of the day and evening.

Quality of Life

When your eye doctor is no longer able to make you a better pair of glasses, it is time to schedule cataract surgery. Your cataract will never get better over time, only worse. There are many types of artificial lenses to replace your deteriorated lens and restore clear vision. You have the choice of a monofocal, multifocal or astigmatism-correcting monofocal, which allows you to select the lens that suits your individual needs.

Don't let cataracts slow you down any longer. You can have clear vision with the help of a short, outpatient procedure. Call your eye care professional today and enjoy the gift of crisp, sharp eyesight again.