Technology Can Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

It’s a common assumption that seniors are resistant to new technology, but research shows that just isn’t the case. A recent survey from Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of adults over the age of 65 use the internet and 77 percent now use cell phones. Now more than ever, there is a growing need for technology that is geared toward seniors, and tech companies are gladly rising to the challenge. Take a look at some of the ways that programs and apps can make life easier for older adults.

Managing medications

Studies show that 50 percent of patients do not take their medications as prescribed. Apps like Med Helper Pill Reminder or RxmindMe make it easy to stay on track by sending you alerts when it is time to take your medications. App features also allow you to check your medication log, track your vitals and remind you when it’s time to order a prescription refill.

Staying connected

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for the younger crowds anymore! These social media sites have exploded with a following of senior adults who have discovered a fun and easy way to stay connected with their friends, children and grandchildren. Through pictures, videos and status updates, seniors can stay current on all the latest news and excitement with their loved ones, and they can share what’s going on in their lives as well!


Gone are the days when common banking tasks required a trip to the bank. Online banking sites and mobile apps make managing your finances easier than ever. Depositing checks, paying bills, transferring money and monitoring your account balance can be easily accomplished with the click of a button or touch of your fingertip.

Grocery shopping

Several grocery stores such as Walmart, Publix and Kroger have recently introduced curbside pickup programs which allow customers to order and pick up their groceries without ever setting foot inside a store. Simply place your grocery order online and select a pickup time. Associates will complete your order in the store and place your groceries in your car at the designated pick up time. And the best part of all, these services are available at no additional charge!


With turn-by-turn audible directions, traffic alerts and estimated arrival time, GPS has truly changed the way we navigate. Simply turn on your GPS device or activate GPS on your smartphone, enter your desired destination, and GPS takes care of the rest! This feature is particularly helpful for seniors who have recently moved to a new area or struggle with remembering directions.

New technology can be confusing at first, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt with a little time and practice. If you’re having trouble getting started, look for training programs at your local library or senior center, or ask one of your tech-savvy children or grandchildren to teach you the basics. After all you’ve taught them over the years, they will cherish this opportunity to finally teach you something for a change!