Schedule Mom an Eye Exam for Mother’s Day

If you had to guess, how many doctor’s appointments, dental cleanings, sports practices, and music lessons did Mom schedule for you while you were growing up? It is probably in the hundreds, right? Kids and teens depend on Mom for everything, even though they won’t often admit it. Mom is the glue that holds the family together, and she functions as the caregiver, party planner, tutor, chauffeur, cook, counselor, house cleaner, project manager, and life coach. It is only when we get older that we realize how irreplaceable she is!

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to show Mom appreciation for all she has done for you. She may have an upcoming appointment, like a comprehensive eye exam, and she may need some help. How about spending the day with Mom as her chauffeur? There’s nothing she’d rather do than spend time with you, so make a day of it! You can make her feel special by taking her out to breakfast, and then drive her to her eye exam. She will have the pleasure of your company and the peace of mind knowing that her eye health is a priority.

During a comprehensive eye exam, the ophthalmologist will test for:

Taking care of Mom’s vision is one of the best ways to show that you love her. Make some room in your schedule to spend some quality time with Mom this Mother’s Day. While Mom is having her eyes checked, you may want to consult your calendar to see whether you are due for your next comprehensive eye exam. It may be sooner than you think, so schedule an appointment for yourself too!